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Here at ESP we are continually looking into sources to reduce our carbon footprint. We have installed an Air Source Heat pump that heats and provides hot water to the premises.

An Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) is a refrigerant based system. It can absorb low grade heat from the air, and raise its temperature efficiently to be suitable for space heating and/or hot water.

Benefits of installing ASHP:

  • Helps achieve renewable energy targets
  • Capable of reducing running costs and CO2 emissions
  • Easy to design, install and maintain
  • Fully scalable and can work independently or in conjunction with other systems
  • Optimised systems from 4kW to 688kW

We have also installed Solar panels to the roof of the premises. This enables us to generate electricity and give back to the grid.

Due to the nature of our business we use the national roads a lot whilst delivering specialist packaging to our customers. That’s why we have a new fleet of lorries making sure our carbon emissions stay low.

To learn more about our environmentally friendly paper based packaging visit our ESPulp page.