Pulp Catalogue

Below is a detailed list of our pulp products. We can produce them in three colours – kraft, black and cream. If you would like to know more about designing your own pulp trays and punnets visit our Designed for you page.

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2PR  2AV – 1,036 per box,  20,720 per pallet (L200 x W91 x H35mm)

2M BLACK  2M –  1,190 per box,  23,800 per pallet (L145 x W80 x H40mm)

3M BLACK  3M – 860 per box, 17,200 per pallet (L220 x  W80 x H40mm)

4PR BLACK  4PR – 600 per box, 12,000 per pallet (L195 x W165 x H45mm)

4 KIWI 4 KIWI – 1,080 per box, 21,600 per pallet (L170 x W135 x H40mm)

4A SMALL BLACK_APRICOT 4 APRICOT – 1,750 per box, 35,000 per pallet (L130 x W115 x H25 mm)

4M BLACK 4M – 676 per box, 13,520 per pallet (L165 x W143 x H42mm)

4M INLINE 4MS INLINE – 480 per box, 9,600 per pallet (L265 x W80 x H40mm)

4G BLACK 4G –  765 per box,  15,300 per pallet (L165 x W160 x H35mm)

4M INLINE 4GS INLINE – 580 per box, 11,600 per pallet (L330 x W85 x H45mm)

4P22116394 PLUM – 1,440 per box, 28,800 per box (L170 x W130 x H30mm)

6 KIWI 6 KIWI – 400 per box, 6,000 per pallet (L260 x W130 x H30mm)

6A BLACK 6A – 600 per box 12,000 per pallet (L184 x W127 x H43mm)

6M BLACK6M – 670 per box, 13,400 per pallet (L210 x W170 x H40mm)


6 apricot 6 APRICOT – 1,100 per box, 22,000 per pallet (L165 x W110 x H30mm)

DONUT PEACH DONUT PEACH – 840 per box, 16,800 per pallet ( L294 x W112 x H43mm)


4P221337 RRAMB – 408 per box, 8,160 per pallet (L175 x W135 x H45mm)


RRAMB PR2PB – 660 per box, 13,200 per pallet (L175 x W135 x H45mm)

FLAT APPLE FLAT APPLE TRAY (prototype)– 600 per box, 9,000 per pallet (L160 x W140 x H20mm)


4P2212250b SQUARE TRAY – 1,800 per box, 36,000 per pallet (L190 x W190 x H15mm)

Beetroot  BEETROOT TRAY – 540 per box, 10,800 per pallet (L173 x W132 x H45mm)


MEDIUM KRAFT  MEDIUM – 405 per box, 8,100 per pallet (L181 x W131 x H45mm)


POTOBELLO PORTOBELLO – 240 per box, 4,800 per pallet (L255 x W120 x H65mm)


LARGE KRAFT  LARGE – 320 per box, 6,400 per pallet (L181 x W131 x H70mm)


CHERRY TOMATO  CHERRY – 540 per box, 10,800 per pallet (L135 x W120 x H45mm)