ESPulp Paper / Pulp

ESPulp is paper pulp packaging, high quality, biodegradable, compostable and recyclable. It provides growers and fresh produce packers with an opportunity to replace plastic or virgin material with an excellent, environmentally positive alternative.

ESPulp packaging can be made to suit your specification, for example to be either moisture repelling or absorbent. ESPulp is British made, reducing the miles it has to travel to get to you, so reducing its, and your, carbon footprint.

ESPulp trays and punnets are made from pulp which originates from:

• Clean waste from corrugators
• Clean waste from onsite box production processes
• Clean waste from approved paper suppliers

Products have been tested and found to fully comply with maceration standards.

For our full product catalogue and more information about our whole rage of pulp, visit our dedicated pulp website

We believe in recycling and encourage recycling of these punnets & trays. As they are made from paper & board not only are they compostable, but can be recycled domestically with newspapers and paper.

top seal    4g

6p    Grapes

Punnets    Cavity