ESP offer stock bags for the majority of produce applications; we also offer a bespoke service for both printed and plain bags.

Bags are available in BOPP (oriented polypropylene bags), CPP (cast polypropylene bags), LDPE (polythene bags) and paper.

We can supply bags in all categories, including micro-perforated bags for extended shelf life right through to non-perforated bags suitable for vacuum pack applications. Printed bags are also available.

We pride ourselves on our responsiveness and flexibility in a business built around the needs of the fresh produce industry and fresh produce packers. We can produce bags on a very short lead-time, contact us to see how we can help you.

We stock bags in the majority of standard sizes, in punched, microperforated and unpunched versions in LDPE (low density polythene),and CPP (cast polypropylene).

◾Unpunched LDPE Apple bags, 100mm x 150mm
◾Punched LDPE Asparagus bags, 140mm x 290mm
◾Microperforated CPP Bean bags, 140mm x 400mm and 175mm x 225mm
◾Punched LDPE Cabbage bags, 305mm x 405mm
◾Punched Carrot bags, 290mm x 370mm
◾And many more…

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